The Soul You Have is Electricity + 311

“The Soul You Have is Electricity” by Morena Tan

16″ x 20″ acrylic
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  1. Hi Paul, thanks for asking. My paintings are pretty much open for interpretation however I can’t say there isn’t any deliberacy in what ends up on the canvas.

    When I sit back and contemplate this finished work, I see all spirits intertwined through infinity, a playful dance of life and death and the reincarnation of energy as an undercurrent to what is on the visceral surface of our current human manifestation. The electricity flows and buzzes and hums- the vibration recirculates through everything .

    Electricity started as a one hour complete free-association live painting exercise at a Buddhist Arts ceremony. One particular line from a Daisaku Ikeda quote resounded with me- “Every living thing is dancing.” That’s where the inspiration started. The first stage of the piece that you see in this gallery was the end result of that one hour.

    The next day as I added the lines and faces, I meditated on the lyrics from the 311 song “Electricity.” (Sound familiar? :P)

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