Siren Song + Soundgarden


24″ x 36″ Liquitex acrylic on canvas



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This live-painted free association piece was completed on June 11 in five hours start to finish at the Macy’s in Downtown Summerlin Las Vegas. It’s the largest and (IMO) the most striking in my collection so far, but not for long. A blank 36″ x 48″ sits patiently in my kitchen..

Sirens are mythological creatures- typically beautiful island women with very, very bad intentions- that lure seafarers under the spell with hypnotic song and entrancing stares. Wrote a Lapide of such a woman:

“her glance is that of the fabled basilisk, her voice a siren’s voice—with her voice she enchants, with her beauty she deprives of reason—voice and sight alike deal destruction and death.”

I always surprise myself with expressing what’s lurking up in my brain at a live painting. I delve in crystal clear, and out comes this scene that is fascinating to even me- myself! When I finally stepped back after five hours and looked at my work, I knew immediately that a Siren had been my muse for this piece. Now I share her song with you…


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siren wall



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