Flowers of the Field: Eye of Fatima

“Eye of Fatima” by Morena Tan

18″ x 24″ Liquitex acrylic and iridescent gold paint on stretched canvas

Flowers of the Field is a series that explores the delicate beauty and quiet tenacity of flowers as a metaphor for women’s perseverance and fortitude through the adversities of everyday life.

Different flowers thrive in different terrains. Because of this the flowers you see outside your window are unique to the flowers that grow in the mountains, or near the sea, or even here where I am in the desert of Las Vegas.

Regardless of where you are the flowers that grow on your stretch of the Earth fight long and hard to flourish. Season after season they endure harsh conditions and weather- snow, heat, wind- to be reborn and blossom once more. Year after year they show up and open to share their gift to the world- gifts of beauty, fragrance, pollen, life. They are not defeated by the oncoming cycle of hardship and inevitable death. They accept their true nature with poise and grace. They rise and fall to rise again, as vibrant as ever.

Just like these flowers in the field, strong women come from all walks of life all over the world, and are all gorgeous in their own right. Gorgeous, inside and out. We overcome our struggles and embrace our truths to blossom into even bigger, even better versions of ourselves. Just as winter turns to spring, we know that all the infinite possibilities of the universe exist inside of us and that with every battle fought courageously comes an inevitable victory. We fall to better understand the value of standing on our own.

About “Eye of Fatima

The concept of the hamsa and the “eye of Fatima” are inexorably linked. The “eye of Fatima” sits in the palm of the hamsa symbol and is almost always surrounded by the divine protection of the color blue. This icon is used to avert the gaze of the “evil eye” and wards off any surrounding negative energy from those who wish you harm.

Featuring an iridescent gold Fatima over a mesmerizing wash of blue and black dripwork with proud red flowers, black ouroboros, white doors, and yellow accents, this piece soothes and mesmerizes. It evokes a sense of inner strength and peace- an almost freeing feeling, which could be that of closure or a new beginning depending on your current condition of living.

I live painted “Hand of Miriam” and “Eye of Fatima” at Macy’s in Downtown Summerlin during my July 1st Solo Pop-Up. These two along with “Byakuren” are the beginning works of my Flowers of the Field series.


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